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Tag heuer formula 1 Senna CAZ1019.FT8027 watches for men


  tag heuer indy 500   There are two versions of the 43mm 300m calibre 5 ceramic bezel automatic wristwatch in the new competitive series: black bezel with black bezel; blue bezel with blue bezel. The two watches have three rows of fine ground watch chains, with fine steel folding buckle, safety button and diving extension device. The price is RMB 18550. It is believed that everyone who pays close attention to taghoya is not hard to find that the brand's recent development focus tends to be more fashionable and younger. This year, it has started to sponsor one sports event after another. For those who have ever chased taghoya, there is more of a feeling in it. I first learned that this brand is due to racing cars. At that time, taghoya frequently had countless connections with racing cars. The most memorable ones are those watches with racing genes, such as carlisla and Monaco. Launched during the 2015 Basel Watch Fair, it is an authentic replica of the first Monaco watch of 1969. Speaking of this, I believe that many people have begun to look forward to it. The replica is a kind of emotional heritage, not to mention such a classic replica.

This   best luxury watches   ] wristwatch was popular with many watch fans soon after it was launched. For a while, INS exposed many cool first-hand photos, and for the first time, I realized what it means to look at pictures and drool.  

As we all know,   highluxurystore.com   in 1969, the birth of the teghoya Monaco series overturned the tradition. Speaking of the birth of Monaco, it actually comes down to calibre 11 movement. It is precisely because of this movement that the square Monaco wristwatch, which is still brilliant today, came into being. The official model of this watch, caw211p.fc6356, still adopts the classic blue dial design. It is made of solid fine steel, which sets the tone of the watch for the case and timing button. After polishing and fine grinding, it presents a charming texture. The diameter of the watch is 39mm. Today, when large watches are popular, it can be worn by both men and women.

Seeing that TAG Heuer has a large inventory of 1887 movements, TAG Heuer carried out an in-depth transformation of the 1887 movement and launched the Heuer-01 chronograph movement. Because the previous 1887 movement was more traditional, Tag Heuer made the 1887 hollow skeleton movement, which looks very modern. This is the current Heuer-01 chronograph movement of Tag Heuer, which can be regarded as the Tag Heuer.

  urwerk ur-110 replica   TAG Heuer presents the CH80 chronograph movement, an alternative to the 1887 movement. CH80 is also a self-winding chronograph movement using a columnar wheel. Its biggest features are two. One is 80-hour power (originally 70 hours, then upgraded to 80 hours), and the other is a chronograph dial on the watch dial from 1887. At 12 o'clock, 9 o'clock, and 6 o'clock, it became 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. It seems that everything is ready, and it was just launched, but this new movement CH80 has "disappeared" and has not been launched as scheduled. Let me tell you why.

Because at the time when preparing to launch the CH80, Tag Heuer found that there was still a large inventory of 1887 movements. If the previous movement is not used up, the new movement will not work. Therefore, the CH80 movement can only be put on hold, waiting for the right moment before it is brought to the market.

A skeletonized version of the 1887 movement. The Carrera Heuer-01 chronograph currently on the market, I think the price / performance ratio is not bad, mainly the hollowed out Carrera Heuer-01 chronograph is very modern, very beautiful, and the   hublot mp 05 laferrari   price is not high above 40,000 yuan